Designing digital experiences, one pixel at a time.

Principles I live by

User-centric design

I prioritize the needs and goals of the user to create an intuivie and enjoyable user experience.

Mobile-first development

Responsive design and accessibility create better quality of life for the end-user – the way it should be; seamless.

Build for performance

I focus on optimizing load times and overall performance because no one likes to wait.


For me, programming is the perfect synergy of creativity and problem-solving capabilities – it's both challenging, yet incredibly fun. I LOVE building useful projects, and will continue to for the rest of my life.

key skills: Responsive design, security principles, problem-solving, version control, testing & debugging, CRM, SEO

Tech: React, NextJS,HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, MongoDB, Postman, Storyblok, Vercel, Express, Wordpress, Git, Github

Developer Projects

Call Center Guys portfolio image
Call Center Guys
Full Custom Website

Designed, developed and deployed a full-scale website. Ran marketing operations afterwards.