My story in 10 seconds

My mentality: Never stop working on yourself – daily 1% improvements.

I'm a passionate and adventurous person with a variety of interests, including writing, coding, playing guitar, practicing martial arts, and gaming. I thrive on taking on new challenges, even when the path forward is uncertain.

Over the course of my 26 years, I've learned that comfort can be a trap, and life is too short to not live with intention. That said, I also believe in giving myself space to breathe and enjoy the moment, and I try to make the most of every opportunity to savour the joys of life.


Summary of events

  1. Finished Highschool

    Went to A.Y Jackson, where my focus was on music, maths, and sport.

  2. Pursued Acting

    Worked as a background extra, stunt performer, secondary-director, gaffer, camera operator, and commercial actor. See me on Netflix.

  3. Became a Bartender

    Became a part-time psychologist for the local bar patrons. Worked at dive bars, private events, and fancy restaurants. Care for a Negroni?

  4. Started My Degree

    I have a passion for creative pursuits & problem-solving. Getting in software development felt like the perfect mix of the two.

  5. Started a Marketing Agency

    Covid hit and everything/everyone went online. I saw a need for digital marketing services to help local business adapt. Grew a creative team of 7, and serviced many great clients.

  6. Became a Freelancer

    Combining my passion for coding & writing – I now offer services across both disciplines for brands that need help with their online presence.

  7. ????

    Looking for more opportunities to connect with amazing people, work on cool projects & expand my skillsets.


What I'm currently up to

ADHD & life-optimization tips.
ADHD-related support videos.


Templates, tools & guides – something for everyone.

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The ADHD Freelancer Kit

💡 A productivity planner, social media content organizer, habit tracker, daily journal & more!